The Boston Globe has a new program to allow subscribers to the Boston Globe to show their support for non-profits by choosing which ones are given free advertising space in The Boston Globe.

The Boston Globe is mailing vouchers to each of their subscribers. Seven-day newspaper subscribers’ vouchers are valued at $100; all other subscribers (including website-only readers) have been sent vouchers valued at $50.

It is up to each of our readers to decide which non-profit deserves his or her voucher the most. The organizations with the highest donations will be able to spread the word about their valuable work through free advertising in The Boston Globe.

There is no catch. If you are a subscriber and submit your voucher in support of "The Essex Historical Society and Shipbuilding Museum," we will receive up to $100 credit towards advertising our 2014 events, increasing the exposure for the museum, and gaining us new visitors! So, if you are a subscriber to the Boston Globe, please learn more by visiting the Globe Grant website!